Chapel of St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio, Marlborough, NH, 1926

The entry door to the St.Francis Chapel at the Kershaw Estate in Marlborough, New Hampshire takes you into a tiny sanctuary, still active for summer Episcopal services. Guests at the frequent weddings here approach the chapel under a bell attached to a stone arch onto a low-walled stone terrace overlooking Stone Pond. It has been […]

Kershaw Estate, “Merrywood,” Marlborough, NH

The Kershaw estate has a tantalizing history with a murder, wild rides in hupmobiles, prohibited alcohol, artists, plays and priests. For all of that, read online or in print the story of Stone Pond, A Personal History by William D. Eddy, The Plain White Press, 1988. Included are the stories of the opulent and mysterious […]

John Wingate Weeks, 1931

Without John Wingate Weeks (1860-1926) we would not have the White Mountain National Forest. The Weeks Act was signed into law in 1911. Since that date nearly 20 million acres of forestland have been protected. “No single law has been more important in the return of the forests to the eastern United States” than the […]