Personal information was taken from the Diary of Frederick Warren Allen, the memoirs of his wife Agnes, the memoirs of his eldest daughter Barbara, family photospersonal family letters, family memories of his grandchildren, school records from his high school and the Museum School, photos from Cynthia Kennedy Sam of the Pratt family in North Haven and photos and letters from the archives of Bela Lyon Pratt and John Storrs, records from the archives of Frank Weston Benson provided by Faith Andrews Bedford, and North Haven Historical Society.

The information about his teaching is written in a paper by Elizabeth MacLean Smith and all of the Archives from the Museum School from his many years teaching there and from oral stories remembered by Adio diBiccari as remembered by Robert Shure.

The history of the Studio comes from papers by his granddaughter Laurel Beetham and the college researcher connected with the Skylight Studios, the Diary of Frederick Warren Allen, the memoirs of his wife Agnes, plus personal family photos and memories.

Information about his sculpture comes from the files of the Museum of Fine Arts, microfilm from the Archives of American Art, photos and letters provided by Cynthia Kennedy Sam about his teacher and mentor Bela Pratt, information about techniques he would have used by present day sculptor Robert Shure, information about techniques he learned in the jewelry industry in Attleboro from the Attleboro Area Industrial Museum.

Online research turned up much information about his home town, the people he portrayed and those with whom he worked, the history of sculpture and its techniques, and other sculptors and teachers of his time including the generation of sculptors before and after in his lineage.

Many books have provided information and will be listed in the bibliography of the upcoming book to be published in 2012. A casual list is included here.

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