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Attleboro War Memorial, Capron Park, 1912

Attleboro War Memorial, Capron Park, F.W.Allen, Sculptor, 1912

Frederick Warren Allen’s first commission for work! A bronze plaque to be placed in Capron Park in his hometown of Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Won in a competition with the prestigious silver companies Gorham Co. and Reed and Barton Co. while he was still a student, the news of his victory was very exciting to the young man. Committee members of the Daughters of the American Revolution had come to him to ask for prices on a memorial to the soldiers in September of 1911. By December the commission had been awarded and the boulder chosen on which the bronze tablet would be mounted. Allen worked on it in April and May and had it cast in June.

The scene shows the brave Minutemen in action, the not-too-distant cannons aimed at them, smoking. With flags flying and rifles fitted with bayonets in hand, they charge into battle to win freedom for the new colonies from British rule. Entering the rectangular frame from the lower right corner, the action moves diagonally toward the British in the upper left. The coat and gun of the closest soldier extend out over the frame, making it seem that the viewer is entering the into the battle scene just behind the men. The frame is topped with a curved header at the high point of which perches a spread eagle, the great American symbol, with claws gripping the frame.

The text reads, “To perpetuate the memory of all who with unfailing loyalty furthered the cause of American Independence. Placed by Attleboro Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution” Signed F.W.Allen SC, MCMXII

The memorial is fixed to a large boulder placed along the path just behind the left gate of the Capron Park entry arch. In season, bright red and white flowers are kept in bloom before it and a small flag completes the patriotic theme.

Capron Park Entrance, Attleboro, MA, Memorial Plaque by F.W.Allen, Sculptor, 1912

Capron Park Revolutionary War Memorial, Attleboro, MA, F.W.Allen, Sculptor, 1912

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