Keith Field Eagles, Brockton, MA, 1924

Eagle, left gate, Keith Memorial, Brockton, F.W.Allen, 1924

The entry gate to the Eldon Keith Field in Brockton, MA is guarded by a pair of fierce eagles poised for attack atop their watchtowers. Open beaks warn intruders to beware while their wings are ready to spread in flight. They perch on orbs visible high against the sky. Given by George Keith, Eldon’s father, our symbol of American freedom stands guard, the memorial giving credit to a native son of Brockton, dedicated to serving on the School Board, who died on a U.S. Government mission in London in 1919. The commemorative plaque tells the story.

The image shown here is the eagle on the left gate. The pair face each other on either side of the entrance to the playing field. Different in character, expression and pose, they appear as warriors with armor made of feathers ruffled by the winds in flight. Frederick W. Allen modeled both eagles and the memorial tablet.

Erected about 1924, the bronze in which they were cast from the original clay models shows signs of damage from the elements. The memorial tablet is in good condition, however. The frame is kept polished, showing beautifully the details of the oak leaves that circle the fluted columns on either side and the decorative elements of the base and arched header.

The Eldon Keith Field was created for the youth of Brockton, its guardian pair of eagles a fitting symbol of a man who served his country with pride and the young people of his city with dedication.

Keith Memorial Gate, Brockton, MA, F.W.Allen, Sculptor, 1924
Eagle, right gate, Keith Memorial, Brockton, F.W.Allen,1924
Memorial Tablet, Keith Field, Brockton, MA, F.W.Allen, Sculptor, 1924

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