Carved vs. Modeled Portraits

It is interesting to note the difference between the carved marble relief of Mrs. Cole and the bronze bust of her brother-in-law done a few years later. Although the bust has more detail, the character of the two subjects is clearly portrayed.

Two different media, two different styles, the marble carved carefully with silky smooth surfaces and restrained details, the bronze textured and exuberant.

With direct carving, once the stone or wood has been removed it can’t be replaced. Great skill is needed to produce an accurate likeness that also reveals personality in the portrayal. No mistakes can be made!

Clay is a plastic medium. In its application, the sculptor is free to make changes. Texture and details can be added, basic form can be corrected, all in the interest of creating an accurate and artistic likeness.

How versatile and diverse was Allen’s talent and how excellent his skill in both styles.


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