Balch, 1912-1913

Bronze Portrait relief

The Balch relief was being sculpted at the same time as the Sheffield bust although the men were not acquaintances. The Balch commission was ordered by Allen’s private pupil, Miss Copeland. She referred at least one other job to him as well. (note on proposed commissions Feb 1913)

Balch was first mentioned on Allen’s commissions list in the Spring (4/16/13). He started work then (4/21) and finished it a month later. He commented 5/28, “Miss Copeland ordered Balch relief cast and accepted it.” With a little more work on the details (5/28-31), he took it with the Sheffield bust to “Torschi’s” to be cast (6/2).

Listed on September 1912 commissions. Paid $65. No images available.

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