Jack Rabbit (auto mount), 1913-1916

Exhibition: St. Botolph Club, April 1916

Bela Pratt did some small pieces used to decorate the hood of automobiles. Auto Mount was most likely the same type of sculptural hood ornament. Listed in the Allen Diary in 1915 as “Auto figures            200” It is possible that the small animal figure found in the background of a photo of Uhler in the shadows behind his portrait bust may be what is listed as an “Auto Mount” in the St.Botolph Club Exhibition. It appears to be made of clay, but it is blurry in the photo. Uhler was sculpted between 1925-1935, so if this is a photo of the “Auto Mount,” it would probably have been sitting on a shelf in the studio for a while.

The little piece certainly could be the hood ornament for a fast car. The animal looks like a Jackrabbit, known to be quick and agile, attractive features for a sporty car. He is upright in the photo on what looks like a metal pin, his head up, ears back and his forefoot extended running. “Quick like a jackrabbit.”

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