Owl, c.1939

One of two reviewers commented in the Boston Sunday Post, Aug 20, 1939,
“Frederick W. Allen, well-known not only as a gifted sculptor but as an excellent teacher, is represented by four notable pieces, a delightfully decorative owl, somewhat stylized, an elephant of granite, greatly simplified but decidedly convincing, a small head study in granite, and a torso.”

The exhibit list is clear about which pieces shown are made of stone. There is no medium listed with the Owl, and there are no images or other references either in the reviews or in the notes of Agnes Allen or Betty Smith. As a stylized piece, it was probably modeled in clay and cast in plaster, although a bronze may exist.

Medium unknown
Exhibited at Concord Art Association Summer Exhibition, 1939
Reviewed in the Christian Science Monitor in the summer of 1939

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