Elizabeth Scriven Jackson, 1914-15

Portrait Bust

The young Allen couple met Miss Jackson on their way back from their honeymoon in Paris. “We sailed for America on board the Red Star Liner Manitou on September 18 ‘13 and reached Boston September 29th Monday morn. On board we became friendly with Miss Elliott a singer and two girls Miss Compton and Miss Elizabeth Jackson.” Her address is in his Diary address list with the name Compton beneath it:

Jackson “….Elizabeth 107 Chard St Glen Ridge N.J.


The only other mention of the work was in his list of work completed that winter, the “Head of Elizabeth Jackson” followed by “Relief of Reverend Jackson” and his inclusion of both the head and the relief in his list of work exhibited at the St. Botolph Club in 1916.

There is a conflict in the review published by the Boston Evening Transcript, in that the head of Jackson was named in the list of works, but the newspaper shows a head of Mrs. Lawrence, identified in the caption. Perhaps the portrait head of Miss Jackson and the bas relief of her father were withdrawn, because a portrait bust of Mrs. John Lawrence was pictured in the newspaper and did not appear on the exhibit list.

Size unknown: lifesize (presumed)
Medium unknown: cast in plaster (presumed)
Exhibited: St. Botolph Club, April 1916
Newspaper review: Boston Evening Transcript, April 6, 1916
(image in news identifies it of Mrs. John S. Lawrence instead)

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