Hinckley, 1913

Portrait bust

The Hinckley Bust is a mystery. No information has been discovered other than coincidental work on Attleboro people and a listing in his address book at 130 Newbury Street in Boston. There are no students listed at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) with that name.

Allen lists Mr. Hinckley five times. On May 19th he “Started bust of Hinckley, worked from 5:10-5:35.” He doesn’t usually give time so specifically. Then again, “Started first armature bust at this time of Mr. Hinckley.” (5/20) He continued work on it later in the week and “Went to sleep on lounge.” (5/25) He notes work on it twice more (6/9 & 6/12) and finished it 6/13/13. There is no mention of casting.


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